Club Event Rules

These are the official rules to be followed for any club-related events.  They can also be downloaded in .pdf form from here: Rules for Club Events Feb 2024 V2

Rules for Club Events in the UK

1. Club Insurance and Events

The club insurance covers us for events at a specific site or building. A club event will typically be a camping rally or a show (either REOC or hosted by another organisation), but not for a local branch ride or any form of motorcycle riding (These are covered by the rider’s own insurance policy). All events, for insurance compliance, must be approved by the Social Secretary.

Up to ten volunteers can help in organising a club event of up to three days in duration, typically over a weekend. The volunteers may be club members and guests, whose names and contact details must be recorded by the organiser.

The names of all members and guests attending a rally must be recorded together with those of the volunteers by the rally organiser and submitted to the Social Secretary immediately after the event.

2. Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of The Club to perform a basic risk assessment when organising or participating in an event, to identify potential risks or dangers to persons. The following is a recommended check list for the organiser to manage, based upon club experience, but is not definitive. you may add your own checks.

2a. Rallies

Campers who arrive early or depart after the event duration will do so outside the cover of club insurance.

Tents, vehicles, and structures must be spaced at a safe distance from each other, away from entrances and exits.

Open fires, if permitted on the site, must be safely managed well away from the above.

2b. Show Events

Warning signs may be necessary.

Be aware of hot exhaust systems. Allow them to cool sufficiently.

Ensure that motorcycles are as stable as possible. Distance between motorcycles will depend on hard or soft surfaces. On grass keep a good distance between bikes, to prevent a domino effect.

If children want to sit on a motorcycle or in a side car, owner and parent/guardian must give permission and both parties must be in attendance.

No riding around the grounds or site, unless the organisers give permission, for instance, when asked to show a motorcycle in an arena.

No filling or draining of fuel systems, unless there is a problem which poses a risk, in which case have a fire extinguisher on hand. Have a fire extinguisher available in a prominent position.

Clear all rubbish from area; use bins provided or take away.

Check ground areas for any obstructions: cables, tent pegs, timber blocks, etc

Smokers must use designated areas.

Don’t move motorcycles from the club ‘stand’ until the event organisers give permission to do so.

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